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Tuition is due on the first of every month during each dance season. A $25 late fee will be added to the dancer's account if not paid by the 5th of the month. All payments to Dance City West are non refundable. Full payments are required each month, despite any absences or closings. We also do not pro-rate tuition for the same examples.

All classes are $40/month.

There is a one time $15 registration fee due at the time of enrollment.

We charge a $40 fee for returned checks. If an account is overdue by 30 days it will be submitted to a collections agency and the student will be removed from class until the account is paid. All accounts must be paid in full in order for the dancer to perform in the year-end recitals.

Classes with 3 students or less are subject to cancellation or rescheduling at Director's discretion.


Here at Dance City West, we believe to feel like a dancer, a student must do their best to look like a dancer. That is why we ask each student to wear the appropriate attire for whichever class they are participating in. Please read below to read and see some examples of dress code for different styles of classes.


Students are required in ballet classes to wear dance tights (not nylons), a leotard (any color) and ballet/pointe shoes (pointe requires teacher approval). Hair must be up, preferably in a bun, with bangs and loose hair out of the face. Pull on skirts or wrap skirts are also encouraged but not required.


No leggings, socks or extra layers of clothing. This is so the teacher can accurately see the dancers body lines and technical placement/posture.


Most any type of dance attire is acceptable for these classes. Examples are any combination of the following: tights, athletic shorts or leggings, leotards with skirts, sports bra, sweat pants (for Hip-Hop). Depending on the class/instructor, extra layers of clothing such as t-shirts are typically acceptable. Again, hair should be up and out of the face. The dancer should be prepared with the appropriate type of dance shoe. The instructor may request a certain style/color of shoe as the season continues.

Male Dancers:

Boys may wear comfortable clothing that they can easily move and stretch in. Athletic shorts, sweat pants and t-shirts are good examples of what most boys wear to class. Boys must have appropriate dance shoes for whichever style class they participate in.

Jeans are not acceptable for any class.

Please do not wear street-shoes into the studios.


Please follow our social media accounts for bad weather closings. We do not offer tuition refunds for missed days because of weather closings. If too many days are missed however, we will schedule make-up practices to equal out the loss of classes.


Our recreational students do not have any attendance policy; there is no punishment or dismissal due to any number of missed classes. However, we strongly encourage good attendance in order to learn the full amount of technique and skills. Poor attendance can cause the student to fall behind, especially during recital time when each class is learning choreography for their routine. Tardiness can also be harmful to the student. We encourage everyone to arrive on time, ready to start class. If your dancer needs to change or do anything else in preparation for class, feel free to arrive early to make sure the class is ready to go right on time. Most importantly, it is critical that your dancer has the opportunity to properly stretch and warm up to avoid serious injury.


We at DCW pride ourselves in our family-like atmosphere that our long time customers have declared since day one. We do our best to keep up our friendly, comfortable studio environment by holding our students, dancers and staff to the highest standards of respect. We have a zero-tolerance policy for bully behavior and expect all dancers as well as the parents to be respectful to the studio staff at all times. DCW is also a smoke free/drug free facility.

We hope you come in to our studio and feel right at home. Please don't hesitate to talk with any staff member about questions or concerns you have.


We also encourage all of our dance families to be involved with our extra activities and events when offered! This promotes studio spirit and community.

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