• Owner, Instructor


    Ms. Sarah has over 20 years of dance and teaching experience and has owned Dance City West for over 10 years. She also has several years of experience coaching and choreographing for high school dance teams such as her Alumni school Waverly, and St. Johns. Her training comes from studios across Michigan, Lansing Community College and various dance conventions around the US.

    Among her many awards and recognition's, Ms. Sarah has been awarded many Choreography awards, Judge's Choice awards and countless 1st place and top overall placements with her competitive routines.

    Ms.Sarah's goals as the owner of Dance City West are for her students to be well educated in the field of dance, have pride in their own accomplishments, and most of all, have fun!

  • Asst. Director, Instructor


    Ms. Morgan has more than 15 years of dance experience and has taught at Dance City West for over 7 years. She also has choreographed for many school musicals and other extracurricular events. As one of the original students to attend DCW, Morgan received her dance education from each of the past instructors as well as Lansing Community College and many dance conventions and world renown choreographers.

    Ms. Morgan's competitive routines have received many special awards including Choreography, Entertainment and Costuming. She has also had many routines place with top overall scores.

    Ms. Morgan values technique above all else. She strives to teach each student the best quality training while inspiring a passion for the art of dance.

  • Instructor



    Ms. Mikayla was the first student to enroll at Dance City West upon our opening in 2001. She has been dancing for over 15 years, all of which were here at DCW. Mikayla has won many regional titles and a national title in 2014 as a dancer.


    Ms. Mikayla began as a teacher's assistant in classes at age 12 and taught her first competitive solo at age 14. She has had the privilege of working with many famous choreographers such as Stacey Tookey, Anthony Morigerato, and Travis Wall. As a teacher and choreographer, Ms. Mikayla has received many special recognition's at competitions around the country and many top overall placing routines.

    Mikayla has a passion for teaching kids and her goal is to pass her passion on to others. She not only teaches the proper technique, but teaches performance and showmanship as well.

  • Instructor


    Mr. DaVonte has over 15 years of dance training. Not only was he a long time student at DCW, he received training at several other studios around Michigan such as Lansing Community College and Happendance.

    As a competitive dancer for DCW, Mr. DaVonte won many awards including many 1st place awards, top overall placements, dance scholarships and a regional title - Mr. StarQuest 2015.

    Now as a teacher, he has continued his winning reputation with his competitive team choreography. His routines have achieved many top overall placements including 1st overall at national competitions.

    Mr. DaVonte's goal is to reach new heights with his students at DCW and teach new, fresh ideas inspired by some of his favorite choreographers.

  • Front Desk, Instructor


    Ms. Cassidy has over 8 years of dance training from the staff at Dance City West, starting out as a recreational student then progressing to be a member of the travel team. She began assistant teaching at the studio by the age of 15.

    Since graduating, Ms. Cassidy has taken on the duties of running our front desk and frequently substitutes and assists with all of the DCW staff and teaches her own classes.

    The DCW family loves her for her kind heart and natural connection with our youngest students. She is always ready to offer a helping hand and a welcoming smile.

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